Diploma in Health (Biomedical Science)

Study Discipline: Medical & Health Sciences
Study Programme Details
Country: Australia
Admission Sessions:Autumn Session, Spring Session
Study Format: Full Time
Mode of Study: Fully on Site, Online

Programme Type



12 Months

Scholarship Available




About this Study Course

Step into the future of healthcare with our one-year Diploma in Health (Biomedical Science). Beyond the ordinary, this program is a catalyst for your journey into the realms of laboratory work, pharmaceuticals, and nutrition. If your dream degree seems just out of reach, our pathway program is designed to bridge the gap, preparing you not just for university study but to thrive in the ever-evolving field of biomedical science.

Explore the latest trends and future possibilities in biomedical science as you immerse yourself in a curriculum crafted to not only meet current industry demands but also anticipate the future. Through a narrative woven with real-world relevance, our active voice and persuasive language aim to inspire and engage you in the exciting world of health and biomedical science.


Picture yourself on a transformative journey with our Diploma in Health (Biomedical Science), a one-year program that propels you into the heart of laboratory work, pharmaceuticals, and nutrition. Beyond being a stepping stone to your desired degree, this program is your initiation into academic skills, university knowledge, and confidence.

Navigate your first year of study with the unwavering support of our dedicated UniSA College staff, ensuring a seamless transition into your chosen bachelor’s degree. Beyond the classroom, our program opens doors to a world of health-related fields, setting you on a trajectory for an impactful and fulfilling career.

Admission Requirements

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  • Introduction to Academic Life
  • Introduction to Biosciences
  • Introduction to Anatomy
  • Health and Society
  • Critical Thinking: Media and Academia
  • Introduction to Human Physiology
  • Introductory Chemistry
  • Quantitative Methods in Health

Domestic: Commonwealth Supported

Future Career Outcomes

Embark on a career journey where success is not just a destination but a continuous evolution. Our alumni stand as beacons of achievement, seamlessly integrating into the healthcare industry. With a program that aligns with industry demands, graduates emerge as skilled professionals. Imagine a future where your skills contribute to breakthroughs in healthcare, making a tangible impact on lives.

Visa Requirements:

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