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AbroadPoint.com is dedicated to empowering and enlightening students about the vast opportunities of studying abroad. Our mission is to guide international students in navigating their educational journey, encouraging them to discover new cultures, gain unique experiences, and build a future through global education.

We welcome thought-provoking and informative guest posts in our Articles section, especially from those with a deep understanding of international education and its impact on personal and professional development.

or Who Can Write for Us?

If you’re a seasoned expert, an experienced educator, or a well-traveled student with insights into studying abroad, we’d love to hear from you. We are particularly interested in content from:

  • University representatives
  • Educational consultants
  • Alumni of international programs
  • Travel and education bloggers
  • International students having multiple cultural experiences

Content We Love:

We’re looking for content that:

  • Motivates and inspires students to study abroad.
  • Offers guidance on choosing between countries, cities, and academic programs.
  • Explores the transformative impact of international education.
  • Simplifies complex educational terms and concepts.
  • Shares valuable insights, experiences, and advice on global education.
  • Presents research and analysis on international study trends.

What We Do Not Accept:

We do not publish:

  • Simple listicles with common knowledge.
  • Articles primarily marketing specific products or services.
  • Poorly written or unengaging content.

Submission Guidelines:

To contribute to AbroadPoint.com, your article must:

  • Be centered around your area of expertise.
  • Contain a minimum of 1750 words.
  • Be original and exclusive to AbroadPoint.com (we perform regular checks for duplicated content).
  • Focus on providing valuable insights and advice, without overt promotion of your services or products.
  • Include a brief author bio, offering insight into your expertise.
  • You may include 3 no-follow links in article. Only featured posts with a one-time fee of $10 may have a Do-Follow backlink to your website.

Our Editorial Prerogatives:

AbroadPoint.com reserves the right to:

  • Edit submissions for clarity, accuracy, and adherence to our style and tone.
  • Add references or links to other relevant content on our site.
  • Select images that complement and enhance the article.