Secondary School Teaching Degree Master of Education (M.Ed.) Complementary subject Biology

Study Programme Details
City: Karlsruhe
Country: Germany
Admission Sessions: Autumn Session, Spring Session
Study Format: Full Time
Mode of Study: Fully on Site

Programme Type

Master's degree


24 Months

Scholarship Available




About this Study Course

The Secondary School Teaching Degree Master of Education (M.Ed.) offers a dynamic pathway for educators to delve deeper into their subject expertise while refining their teaching skills. Embracing current educational trends and future possibilities, this program empowers students to excel in the ever-evolving landscape of secondary education. Whether you choose to embark on a captivating journey through research with a master’s thesis or opt for a certificate course, the decision is yours to make. With a focus on active learning and engaging pedagogy, this program prepares educators to inspire the next generation with innovative teaching methodologies.


Upon completion of the Secondary School Teaching Degree Master of Education (M.Ed.), graduates unlock a myriad of opportunities in the realm of education. Beyond traditional classroom settings, educators find themselves shaping minds in various contexts, from community schools to vocational institutions. The program’s comprehensive approach, including a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, equips graduates to thrive in diverse educational environments. Aspiring educators also have the option to pursue further academic endeavors, including doctoral studies, paving the way for impactful contributions to the field of education.

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of a teaching-related bachelor’s degree or equivalent with a focus on high school education or related fields.
  • Demonstration of academic excellence, including overall grade performance and subject-specific achievements.
  • Completion of a minimum three-week orientation internship in a relevant educational setting.
  • Proficiency in the German language for non-native speakers, with a minimum level of B1 required for admission.
  • Structure and function of life
  • Biodiversity
  • Biological concepts I
  • Physiology
  • Biological Methods
  • Ecosystems
  • Molecular Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Biological seminar
  • Biological research
  • Subject didactics I
  • Subject didactics II
  • Deepening subject didactics I
  • Deepening subject didactics II
  • Master thesis

Tuition fee per semester:

  • International: 1500 EUR
  • Domestic: No tuition fee

Future Career Outcomes

Graduates of the Secondary School Teaching Degree Master of Education (M.Ed.) program emerge as adept educators ready to meet the demands of the educational landscape. Drawing inspiration from real-world examples of successful alumni, students cultivate essential skills such as critical thinking, communication, and adaptability. As educational institutions increasingly seek innovative approaches to teaching and learning, graduates stand out as versatile professionals poised to make a meaningful impact on the lives of students.

Visa Requirements:

For visa information, please visit Germany page for student visa and student life.