Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Sciences

Study Programme Details
City: Adelaide
Country: Australia
Admission Sessions: Autumn Session, Spring Session
Study Format: Full Time
Mode of Study: Fully on Site

Programme Type

Bachelor's degree


48 Months

Scholarship Available




About this Study Course

Embark on an unstoppable career journey in the realms of human health and wellbeing with our Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, combined with Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Sciences double degree. This transformative program is your gateway to becoming a holistic health professional, merging the worlds of physical activity and nutrition for a comprehensive understanding of human wellness.


As you delve into exercise and sport science, you’ll gain expertise in understanding the profound impact of physical activity on biological, physiological, psychological, and social aspects of human life. Complemented by your studies in nutrition and food sciences, you’ll acquire hands-on experience in promoting and managing diets and lifestyles, conducting impactful research, and innovating in the realm of food.

The synergistic blend of these two complementary areas opens diverse career opportunities. Whether leading innovation in the food and nutrition industries or designing and delivering exercise programs to enhance health and reduce disease risk, you’ll be well-equipped for success. Consider further studies with options like a Master of Research (Health Sciences) or Master of Health Services Management.

Admission Requirements

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  • Physical Activity and Health (HLTH 1044)
  • Physiology Essentials 100 (BIOL 1051)
  • Foundations in Human Movement, Exercise, and Sports Science (HLTH 1039) OR Introduction to Nutrition and Food Sciences 1 (BIOL 1041)
  • Chemistry 100 (CHEM 1006)
  • Group and Team Leadership (HLTH 1017)
  • Motor Development and Ageing (HLTH 1065)
  • Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice and Research in Health Sciences (HLTH 1049) OR Quantitative Methods in Health (MATH 1065)
  • Chemistry of Food (FOSC 2002)
  • Exercise Physiology 1 (HLTH 2006)
  • Human Nutrition (HLTH 2001)
  • Human Anatomy 100 (HLTH 1020)
  • Biology A (BIOL 1007)
  • Exercise Physiology 2 (HLTH 2005)
  • Functional Anatomy (HLTH 1045)
  • Food Innovation and Culinary Nutrition (FOSC 2007)
  • Sensory and Consumer Evaluation of Foods (FOSC 2004)
  • Motor Control and Learning (HLTH 2026)
  • Exercise Prescription and Delivery 1 (HLTH 2027)
  • Biochemistry (BIOL 2014)
  • Microbiology (BIOL 2051)
  • Biomechanics of Human Movement (HLTH 2025)
  • Exercise Prescription and Delivery 2 (HLTH 3011)
  • Health, Exercise and Sport Psychology (HLTH 3014)
  • Lifespan Physiology (BIOL 2052)
  • Exercise and Sport Science Project Design (HLTH 3053)
  • Communication in Nutrition and Food Sciences (FOSC 3014)
  • Nutrition, Exercise and Weight Management (HLTH 3001)
  • Professional Practice in Exercise Science (HLTH 3054)
  • Sociology of Health, Physical Activity and Sport (HLTH 3055)
  • Food Safety and Regulation (FOSC 2006)
  • Sports Nutrition (HLTH 3002)
  • Biochemistry of Human Metabolism (BIOL 3035)

AUD$ 38,500 per annum

Future Career Outcomes

Explore real-world examples of successful alumni, understand industry demands, and appreciate how this program aligns with the evolving job market, ensuring your skill development remains relevant and sought after.

Visa Requirements:

For visa information, please visit Australia page for student visa and student life.