Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours)

Study Discipline: Business Administration
Study Programme Details
Country: Australia
Admission Sessions:Autumn Session, Spring Session
Study Format: Full Time
Mode of Study: Online

Programme Type

Bachelor's degree


48 Months

Scholarship Available




About this Study Course

Embark on a transformative journey with our Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours), a four-year professional degree that propels you into future leadership and managerial roles within the dynamic building and construction industry. Discover your passion and specialize in construction project management, quantity surveying, or building surveying in your final year, setting the stage for a fulfilling career ahead.

Explore the latest trends and future possibilities in the field, ensuring you are equipped with the knowledge and skills to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry. This degree is not just a qualification; it’s a gateway to becoming a leader in shaping the future of construction.


Throughout your enriching four-year experience, gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire project lifecycle. Immerse yourself in modern project management techniques, honing skills to assess building compliance and acquiring financial acumen essential for managing construction businesses in a commercial environment.

Engage with cutting-edge technology, including Building Information Modelling (BIM) and software like Autodesk Revit, MS Project, Cost X, Navisworks 2016, and Synchro Pro. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a fresh entrant, apply your learning directly to the workplace, creating a seamless bridge between theory and practice.

Admission Requirements

For more information, please visit respective university web page link.

  • UO Introduction to Construction Management (BUIL 1027)
  • UO Construction Communication (BUIL 1025)
  • UO Construction 1 (CIVE 1005)
  • UO Construction Materials (CIVE 1006)
  • UO Introduction to Construction Business Management (BUIL 1026)
  • UO Structures 1 (CIVE 1007)
  • UO Introduction to Contract Administration (BUIL 2029)
  • UO Construction Scheduling (BUIL 2028)
  • UO Construction 2 (CIVE 2014)
  • UO Quantity Surveying Practice 1 (BUIL 1028)
  • UO Contract Administration (BUIL 3024)
  • UO Structures 2 (CIVE 2016)
  • UO Building Estimating (BUIL 1024)
  • UO Building Services (CIVE 2013)
  • UO Construction Cost Planning (BUIL 2027)
  • UO Development Regulation (BUIL 4030)
  • UO Construction 3 (CIVE 3016)
  • UO Construction Environmental Science (CIVE 2015)
  • UO Project Appraisal (BUIL 3025)
  • UO Construction Operations and Safety (BUIL 3023)
  • UO Fire Technology (BUIL 4031)
  • UO Building Surveying (CIVE 3015)
  • UO Advanced Contract Administration (BUIL 3022)
  • UO Integrated Project (BUIL 4035)
  • UO Construction Management Research Principles (BUIL 4040)
  • UO Construction Management Honours Research Project A (CIVE 4047)
  • UO Construction Management Honours Research Project B (CIVE 4048)
  • UO Industry Experience (BUIL 4038)

Domestic: Commonwealth Supported

Future Career Outcomes

Witness the real-world impact of our program through successful alumni who have navigated the industry landscape. Understand how industry demands align with the skills developed in the program, preparing you for a future where adaptability and innovation are key.

Visa Requirements:

For visa information, please visit Australia page for student visa and student life.