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Dentistry – PhD/MSc by Research

Our Dentistry PhD/MSc by Research at the University of Birmingham is designed to equip you with the cutting-edge skills necessary to advance the scientific understanding of oral and dental diseases. You will be at the forefront of innovative research, developing solutions that address critical health issues impacting populations globally. By engaging in this program, you’ll contribute to a vision of improving both oral and general health, harnessing the latest trends and anticipating future advancements in dental research.


MastersPhD / Doctorate On Campus

Cultural Heritage MA by Research/PhD (On-Campus or by Distance Learning)

Immerse yourself in groundbreaking research on Cultural Heritage at the International Centre for Heritage (ICH) at the University of Birmingham. Here, you’ll engage with a dynamic, interdisciplinary approach that spans all facets of cultural heritage and heritage management. With a focus on current trends and future possibilities, the ICH offers a unique opportunity to delve into a field that’s ever-evolving and globally significant. By joining us, you will not only benefit from our extensive expertise and resources but also contribute to the preservation and understanding of cultural heritage for future generations. Scholarships for 2024 entry are available, underscoring our commitment to supporting innovative and impactful research.


PhD / Doctorate On Campus Online

Creative Writing PhD (On-Campus or by Distance Learning)

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of creative writing with our prestigious Creative Writing PhD program. Collaborate closely with our esteemed team of award-winning authors, gaining invaluable insights to hone your craft and navigate critical analysis. Situated within the esteemed Department of Film and Creative Writing at Birmingham, our program offers a rich interdisciplinary approach, drawing from the expertise of our Departments of English Literature and English Language and Applied Linguistics. Explore current trends and future possibilities in creative expression as you embark on this transformative journey.


PhD / Doctorate On Campus Online

Computer Science PhD

The School of Computer Science invites ambitious and talented graduates to embark on an inspiring journey towards a PhD. This program is designed to immerse students in cutting-edge research, leveraging current trends in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data science, and more. As a PhD candidate, you’ll explore future possibilities in technology, contributing to innovations that shape the world. Our active and supportive community provides a dynamic environment where your academic and professional aspirations can thrive.

PhD / Doctorate On Campus

Comparative Literature PhD (On-Campus or by Distance Learning)

The PhD in Comparative Literature and Critical Theories at the University of Birmingham immerses you in a dynamic field, where you can develop innovative doctoral projects that explore global cultures through literature and other cultural forms. Embracing current trends and future possibilities, our program empowers you to delve into critical theories that shape our understanding of the world. You’ll engage with diverse cultural texts, fostering a deep appreciation of the interconnectedness of global cultures. This program is designed to transform your passion for literature and critical theory into groundbreaking research that addresses contemporary issues and paves the way for future scholarly endeavors.

PhD / Doctorate On Campus Online

Clinical Sciences – PhD/MSc by Research

Our Clinical Sciences PhD/MSc by Research at the Institute of Clinical Sciences offers a transformative journey, immersing you in cutting-edge research and equipping you with the knowledge and skills to excel in 21st-century healthcare. In a rapidly evolving field, you’ll engage with the latest advancements and future possibilities, positioning yourself at the forefront of medical innovation. Our program not only hones your expertise but also empowers you to contribute significantly to life-changing medical research, ensuring you’re ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of modern healthcare.

MastersPhD / Doctorate On Campus

Clinical Psychology Doctorate (ClinPsyD)

Embark on a transformative journey with our Clinical Psychology Doctorate (ClinPsyD) program, meticulously designed to propel you towards professional excellence in the dynamic field of clinical psychology. Accredited by the esteemed British Psychological Society (BPS), our program not only bestows a coveted Chartered status with the BPS but also paves the path for registration with the Health and Care Professions Council.

In an era of evolving healthcare paradigms, our curriculum stands at the forefront, integrating cutting-edge methodologies and future-forward insights. Through a fusion of academic rigour, hands-on research experiences, and immersive clinical placements, we equip you with a holistic skill set to navigate the complexities of modern mental health care.


PhD / Doctorate On Campus

Civil Engineering PhD/MPhil/MSc by research

Our pioneering research endeavors at the forefront of civil engineering address the pressing challenges of our time while envisioning the communities of tomorrow. We delve into current trends and future possibilities, shaping sustainable solutions that leave a lasting impact on society. With a focus on Transport, Resilience, and Sustainability, our research is generously funded by industry, charities, and research councils, fostering an environment of innovation and excellence. As you embark on your research journey with us, you’ll be guided by seasoned experts, crafting a thesis of original quality destined for publication in prestigious journals. Join us in shaping the future of civil engineering and leave your mark on generations to come.


MastersPhD / Doctorate On Campus

Chemistry PhD/MSc by Research

Our Chemistry PhD/MSc by Research program stands at the forefront of scientific inquiry, poised to tackle present challenges and shape the future of the field. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, we provide a dynamic environment where researchers thrive and push the boundaries of knowledge. From exploring cutting-edge trends to envisioning tomorrow’s breakthroughs, our program offers a platform for ambitious minds to make a real impact.


MastersPhD / Doctorate On Campus