Bachelor of Arts Japanese

Study Discipline: Arts & Humanities
Study Programme Details
City: Bonn
Country: Germany
Admission Sessions: Autumn Session
Study Format: Full Time
Mode of Study: Fully on Site

Programme Type

Bachelor's degree


36 Months

Scholarship Available



English, German

About this Study Course

The Bachelor of Arts in Japanese offers a captivating journey into the Japanese language and culture, designed for beginners with no prior knowledge. Starting with foundational grammar and daily communication, students gradually achieve proficiency, enabling them to access and understand specialist literature independently. As they advance, students engage with academic readings essential for grasping Japan’s intellectual landscape. This minor, which must be paired with a major in Asian Studies, provides a holistic and in-depth exploration of Japanese Studies, preparing students for a dynamic and interconnected global environment.


In the first three semesters, students acquire essential knowledge of grammar, communication skills, and the Japanese writing systems through basic modules. The practical language instruction focuses on developing the ability to communicate effectively, both independently and in group settings. Students learn to tackle problems collaboratively, create personalized learning strategies, and reflect on their learning processes to align with personal and professional goals. This approach ensures they can thoughtfully apply their acquired skills toward self-directed learning.

Combining this subject with a second subject enhances career versatility. Graduates find opportunities in intercultural communication, international development, cultural management, tourism, journalism, and academia. The program’s blend of practical skills and theoretical knowledge ensures students are well-prepared to navigate and contribute to diverse professional environments.

Admission Requirements

  • University entrance qualification (e.g., Abitur)
  • German language proficiency (DSH level 2, CEFR level C1, as per DSH exam regulations)
  • Introduction to Japanese Grammar
  • Basic Communication Skills in Japanese
  • Japanese Writing Systems
  • Intermediate Japanese Language
  • Advanced Japanese Language
  • Japanese Cultural Studies
  • Academic Readings in Japanese
  • Independent Research Project in Japanese Studies

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Future Career Outcomes

Graduates of the BA in Japanese have successfully transitioned into influential roles across various sectors. Alumni work as intercultural managers, international development consultants, cultural heritage managers, and educators, bringing their expertise to global platforms.

The demand for professionals with proficiency in Japanese and an understanding of Japanese culture continues to grow, particularly in international business, diplomacy, and cultural preservation. This program’s strong emphasis on language skills, cultural knowledge, and critical thinking prepares students to excel in an evolving job market, making them valuable assets in their chosen fields.

Visa Requirements:

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