Master of Science Biochemistry

Study Programme Details
City: Bonn
Country: Germany
Admission Sessions: Autumn Session
Study Format: Full Time
Mode of Study: Fully on Site

Programme Type

Master's degree


24 Months

Scholarship Available




About this Study Course

Embark on an exhilarating journey at the intersection of chemistry, biology, and physiology with our Master of Science in Biochemistry. Dive deep into the intricate world of molecular life, where every discovery holds the potential to reshape our understanding of the biological realm. Our program goes beyond traditional boundaries, embracing the cutting-edge field of synthetic biochemistry alongside rigorous analysis of biochemical systems. Through immersive lectures, hands-on methodology courses, and lab rotations, students at the University of Bonn and our esteemed partner institutions gain both theoretical insights and practical skills at the forefront of biochemistry research.


Unlock the mysteries of life’s building blocks through our Master of Science program in Biochemistry. Delve into the chemical biology of nucleic acids, lipids, and metabolomics, exploring the fundamental principles that underpin cellular function. Guided by experienced scientists and armed with state-of-the-art technologies, students unravel the complexities of membrane proteins and delve into the biochemical basis of neurophysiology. Our program offers unparalleled access to a vibrant research environment, where innovation thrives and boundaries are constantly pushed.

Admission Requirements

  • University degree (German or non-German) in a relevant discipline
  • English language proficiency (CEFR level B2)
  • Minimum grade of 2.5 or local equivalent
  • Specific modules: Chemical Biology, Developmental Biology, Immunology, Genetics, Biochemistry (minimum 30 ECTS-CPs)
  • Experimental bachelor’s thesis or a bachelor’s thesis from the field of applied bioinformatics
  • Aptitude test for university studies for applicants from outside Germany or another EU country
  • Chemical Biology
  • Developmental Biology
  • Immunology
  • Genetics
  • Biochemistry
  • Experimental Techniques in Biochemistry
  • Advanced Topics in Molecular Biology
  • Research Seminar in Biochemistry

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Future Career Outcomes

Emerge as a trailblazer in the field of biochemistry, equipped with the skills and knowledge to make a tangible impact. Our alumni have charted diverse paths, from spearheading groundbreaking research at Max Planck Institutes to driving innovation in industry settings. With expertise in molecular diagnostics and a deep understanding of biochemical systems, our graduates are poised to address pressing challenges in healthcare, biotechnology, and beyond.

Visa Requirements:

For visa information, please visit Germany page for student visa and student life.