MA in International Trade and Finance (Non-thesis/English)

Study Discipline: Business Administration
Study Programme Details
Country: Turkey
Admission Sessions:Spring Session
Study Format: Full Time
Mode of Study: Fully on Site

Programme Type

Master's degree


18 Months

Scholarship Available




About this Study Course

Embark on a dynamic journey into the realms of international trade and finance with our MA program. The tapestry of contemporary organizations is woven with the threads of global economics, trade environments, and financial markets. In this ever-evolving landscape, managers are the storytellers, navigating through complexities and making decisions that shape the destiny of businesses.

Envision a program where you are not just a student but a protagonist in the narrative of global trade. Managers today are the architects of change, carefully observing the competitive global environment and making decisions with precision. Our program becomes a compass, guiding you to observe, adapt, and lead in this fast-paced arena.


Contemporary organizations exist in a dynamic ecosystem influenced by the winds of international trade and global finance. Managers, akin to modern navigators, need to steer through rapid changes and make decisions with acumen. This program emerges as a beacon for those who aspire to keep pace with the ever-shifting currents of international trade and finance.

As a student in the Graduate Program in International Trade and Finance, you will not only gain a robust finance background but also understand the practical applications of theory. You will evaluate the intricate dance between global trade processes and international economic and financial environments. Beyond theory, you will master the art of managing global economic risks, using financial instruments, and crafting solutions for challenges faced by international companies.

Admission Requirements

  • To be a graduate of any bachelor’s degree program
  • TOEFL IBT: Min. 78 or its equivalent
  • International Trade Policies and Practices
  • Financial Markets and Instruments
  • Global Economic Governance
  • Risk Management in International Business

US$7,200 per programme

Future Career Outcomes

Explore the success stories of our alumni, navigating the real-world complexities of international trade and finance. The program aligns seamlessly with industry demands, ensuring that graduates are equipped with skills that transcend theoretical knowledge. Your journey is not just about acquiring a degree; it’s about evolving into a professional ready to meet the demands of a dynamic job market.

Visa Requirements:

For visa information, please visit Turkey page for student visa and student life.