Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering

Study Discipline: Engineering & Technology
Study Programme Details
Country: New Zealand
Admission Sessions: Autumn Session, Spring Session
Study Format: Full Time
Mode of Study: Fully on Site

Programme Type



12 Months

Scholarship Available




About this Study Course

Embark on a transformative journey with our Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering, where your passion for engineering meets the pressing needs of our world. This diploma complements your Bachelor of Engineering with Honours, offering a unique blend of technical expertise and humanitarian focus. From your second year onwards, immerse yourself in a curriculum designed to expand your skills and perspectives, empowering you to tackle some of humanity’s most daunting challenges.


In our program, you’ll gain invaluable insights into addressing critical global issues such as food and water scarcity, sustainable energy solutions, climate resilience, and the impacts of aging populations. Through hands-on experiences, including opportunities to work directly in disadvantaged communities, you’ll apply your engineering prowess within a broader context of social and environmental responsibility. Alongside your engineering coursework, you’ll delve into relevant subjects in the humanities, refining your social and communication skills to stand out in today’s competitive job market.

Admission Requirements

  • Admission to UC with University Entrance (or equivalent) is required to enrol.
  • CAE or CPE: Minimum score of 169 with at least 162 in reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • IELTS Academic: Academic with an average score of 6.0, with a minimum of 5.5 in reading, writing, listeningNZAPA: English New Zealand Accredited Pathway Assessment Level 3
  • NZCEL: Level 4 – Academic endorsement.
  • Pearson Test of English (Academic): PTE with an overall score of 50
  • TOEFL iBT: Total minimum score of 80, with at least 19 in reading, writing and listening
  • ENGR101: Foundations of Engineering
  • One course chosen from Engineering discipline options
  • One course chosen from advanced Engineering discipline options
  • One introductory humanities course
  • Two advanced humanities courses
  • Capstone course: ENGR315 Humanitarian Engineering Practice or ENGR316 Humanitarian Engineering Professional Report (available over the summer)
  • Domestic — $4,646
  • International — $23,850

Future Career Outcomes

Our graduates are equipped with the expertise and adaptability to thrive in diverse professional settings. Alumni have pursued rewarding careers in fields such as humanitarian aid organizations, environmental consultancy firms, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Their impactful work reflects the program’s commitment to nurturing socially conscious engineers who make a tangible difference in the world.

Visa Requirements:

For visa information, please visit New Zealand page for student visa and student life.