Study Discipline: Business Administration
Study Programme Details
Country: United States
Admission Sessions: Autumn Session, Summer Session, Spring Session
Study Format: Part Time
Mode of Study: Online

Programme Type

Bachelor's degree


48 Months

Scholarship Available




About this Study Course

Elevate your career prospects with the Applied Management degree at Franklin University, where theoretical foundations meet practical expertise to propel you into the realms of management or entrepreneurship. In a dynamic business landscape, our program equips you with the skills needed to navigate complexities, lead with confidence, and drive success.


At the heart of every thriving business is exceptional leadership. Franklin University’s Applied Management program stands as a beacon, fostering the development of great leaders capable of setting trends, resolving pressing issues, devising adaptive solutions, and making decisions that enhance performance and profitability. Explore key areas such as management and supervision, operations management, project management, strategic planning, and finance, ensuring a comprehensive skill set for success in diverse business environments. Visit the program website for in-depth insights.

As an Applied Management major, leverage the opportunity to transfer up to 94 hours of previously earned college credits, spanning over 130 disciplines. This includes up to 32 hours of credit for certifications, licensures, and on-the-job training, allowing you to accelerate your degree completion and reduce tuition costs.

Admission Requirements

To qualify as a degree-seeking student:

  • Provide official documentation of high school graduation or equivalent.
  • Hold an associate, bachelor, or master’s degree from an accredited higher education institution.

Documentation Required:

  • Submit high school graduation documentation for those transferring fewer than 60 semester hours.
  • For transfer students with 60 or more credit hours, a high school diploma or equivalent is not required.

Admission Process:

  • Initiate admission procedures early to optimize scheduling options and financial planning.

English Language Proficiency Requirements:

  • Demonstrate English Language Proficiency through citizenship, a degree from an English-speaking country, or language proficiency exams.
  • Project and Team Management
  • Organizational Supervision
  • Applied Management
  • Operations Management
  • Business Law

124 Credit Hours

the fee of course is 526USD per credit hours

Future Career Outcomes

Graduates emerge with a profound understanding of applied management principles, positioning them for success in various leadership roles. As adaptable professionals, our alumni contribute to enhanced organizational performance and sustainable growth.

Visa Requirements:

For visa information, please visit United States page for student visa and student life.