Master of Science in Engineering (Electrical) [Taught and Research (Mainly by Research)]

Study Discipline: Engineering & Technology
Study Programme Details
City: Msida
Country: Malta
Admission Sessions: Autumn Session
Study Format: Part Time
Mode of Study: Fully on Site

Programme Type

Master's degree


36 Months

Scholarship Available




About this Study Course

Embark on a transformative journey with our Master of Science in Engineering (Electrical) program, blending comprehensive coursework with groundbreaking research opportunities. Throughout this immersive experience, you’ll delve deep into UM Level 4 or 5 study-units, enriching your understanding of your chosen engineering specialization. Guided by seasoned faculty members, you’ll tackle research problems head-on, honing your critical thinking skills and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in your field. The culmination of your journey will be a dissertation that not only showcases your academic prowess but also adds a unique perspective to the existing literature.


Define your path to academic excellence with our Master of Science in Engineering (Electrical) program. Through rigorous coursework and hands-on research experiences, you’ll develop the skills needed to tackle complex engineering challenges head-on. From formulating clear hypotheses to evaluating results with precision, you’ll master the art of research methodology while staying abreast of the latest advancements in your field. Our program empowers you to not only differentiate between methodologies but also to innovate and create solutions that drive real-world impact.

Admission Requirements

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  • ENR5006: Research Methods for Engineering
  • ENR5030: Dissertation (60 ECTS)
  • ENR5026: Science Communication in Engineering

Non EU Applicants:

Total Tuition Fees: Eur 13,400

Local/EU/EEA Applicants:

Annual Enrolment Fee: Eur 400

Future Career Outcomes

Step into a world of boundless opportunities with a Master of Science in Engineering (Electrical) degree. Our graduates are sought after by top employers worldwide, thanks to their strong analytical skills, research acumen, and ability to innovate. Whether you’re shaping the future of renewable energy or revolutionizing automation processes, our program equips you with the tools to excel in a variety of roles across diverse industries.

Visa Requirements:

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