Master of Education History

Study Programme Details
City: Bonn
Country: Germany
Admission Sessions: Autumn Session, Spring Session
Study Format: Full Time
Mode of Study: Fully on Site

Programme Type

Master's degree


24 Months

Scholarship Available




About this Study Course

In the dynamic landscape of education, our Master of Education History program stands as a beacon of excellence, marrying the rich tapestry of historical inquiry with cutting-edge pedagogical techniques. Delve into the depths of historical events, personalities, and cultural shifts, as you embark on a journey to unravel the intricacies of the past. Through methodological exploration, you’ll not only uncover historical truths but also hone your skills in critical analysis and interpretation.


Transitioning from undergraduate study, our Master of Education History program propels you into the realm of educational sciences and subject didactics. Embrace the challenge of transforming complex historical narratives into engaging classroom lessons, equipped with didactic modules tailored to enhance your teaching prowess. Dive into discussions on innovative approaches to history education, fostering a deep understanding of how to captivate and inspire future generations.

Admission Requirements

  • University degree in a relevant discipline, fostering a diverse cohort of students with varied academic backgrounds.
  • German language proficiency (DSH level 3, CEFR level C2), ensuring effective communication and integration into German-speaking environments.
  • Two foreign language skills (modern languages on CEFR level A2 or qualification in Latin/Greek), broadening your linguistic horizons and cultural understanding.
  • Basic Latin certificate, laying the foundation for in-depth exploration of classical civilizations.
  • Specific modules totaling 67 ECTS credits in subject knowledge/subject didactics, equipping you with specialized expertise in history education.
  • 24 ECTS credits in educational sciences, including topics on inclusion and internships, preparing you for the diverse challenges of modern classrooms.
  • Bachelor’s thesis and practical internship, fostering independent research skills and hands-on teaching experience.
  • History of Antiquity
  • Medieval History
  • Modern History
  • Educational Sciences
  • Subject Didactics
  • Practical Internship
  • Bachelor’s Thesis
  • Research Seminar

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Future Career Outcomes

Step into a world of diverse opportunities post-graduation, where the skills you’ve cultivated in historical analysis and pedagogy are in high demand. Our alumni have found success in various fields, from academia to educational policy, showcasing the versatility and relevance of our program in today’s job market. Join a community of forward-thinking educators and historians, poised to make a lasting impact on future generations.

Visa Requirements:

For visa information, please visit Germany page for student visa and student life.