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New Zealand - Abroad Point

Students who wish to study in abroad they find this challenging in terms of their interest and their budget. If you want best education in your desired budget New Zealand is the best destination for your education. New Zealand`s Education system is based on British education model. It is well known for its high- quality education and advanced facilities. Degree from New Zealand`s university and Institution has recognition in worldwide.


  • One of the most stable and well-governed states.
  • English is one of the three official languages.
  • Cost of living on an average NZD1250 per month.
  • Cost of education on an average NZD18000-NZD37000.
  • Allowed 20hrs per week part time work.
  • Post study work visa “PSW visa of 1 year to 3 years available for Diploma/Degree students”.
  • NZEA (New Zealand Excellence Awards) offers 35 scholarships for” Indian students”.